[DISCOVERING] The Cause Church

When my best friend Faith and I first moved to the Kansas City area, we knew that we wanted to find a good church. “Good” is relative though, right? Let me explain – We wanted to find a church where we were welcomed with open arms, a church where people made us feel loved and accepted, a church that believed whole heartedly in Jesus, what He did for us, and what we are, in turn, called to do for Him. We wanted to find a church that felt like home. And that’s exactly what we found with The Cause Church.

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On Belleview Avenue, on the edge of the Country Club Plaza, stands a church that declares “Jesus Over Everything” day in and day out.  The two lead pastors of The Cause are married with two kids and have dedicated their lives to living out the mission that The Cause proclaims. In the words of Pastors Kyle and Liz, “At The Cause Church, we are building a community of faith that is helping people live out the Mission of Jesus.  At the heart of this mission is Jesus’ message – God’s great love for people.  We graciously proclaim ‘Welcome Home’, together creating an atmosphere that lifts burdens and heals hearts.”

The culmination of biblical preaching, applicable messages, and high energy worship is a large part of what makes The Cause Church a great place to spend your Sunday mornings. One unique quality that The Cause has that a lot of churches don’t is the building that it’s in. This includes everything from the architectural design of the building to the incredible artwork that has been done inside. At the end of this post will be an image gallery if you’d like to get a little glimpse of what The Cause looks like on the inside.

If you’re in the process of looking for a church home or simply searching for somewhere to feel connected to a community, stop by The Cause Church (4646 Belleview Ave, Kansas City, MO 64112). We have services at 9:30am, 11am, 5pm, and 6:30pm and would love love love for you to pop in and worship with us.